Register for the Revive Hydration Station IV Therapy

Lake Oconee Food & Wine Festival has partnered with Revive to provide our festival attendees with a top-tier re-hydration station to help keep you refreshed and feeling your best during the festival.

Basic Information:

  • Each registrant receives the 1000ml Basic Re-Hydration Infusion: $85.00
  • You can select from a choice of add-ons to boost your IV therapy session
  • Station time slots are 1.5/hrs per session beginning at 8:30am Saturday March 21, 2020
  • Each 1.5/hr session is limited to eight people
  • You must sign-up below for Toradol add-ons. B12 and Fat Burner add-ons can be requested on-site
  • Cost is $85/per-person, plus add-ons
  • Registered participants can pay at the event

Revive Hydration Station Registration

Registrations Must be Received by March 18, 2020

1: Registrant Information

Time slots are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis. Selecting your preferred time slot does not guarantee that time's availability. Festival staff will confirm appointments individually at the email address you provided above.

2: Select Your Add-Ons

Toradol Add-On is Only Available With Advance Registration. Other Add-Ons May Be Requested at the Event.

3: Guests' Information

If you are bringing guests, you must include each guest's name and requested add-ons below.

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